The Backseat

I can see everything from back here

Meet Shelby. Feet-up on the backseat, music blaring, she’s mouthy and she’s cocky. Girls like Shelby look like trouble, but there’s more to Shelby than meets the eye.

From the backseat of the bus, Shelby is trying to make sense of the world and the people in it. We hear Shelby’s stories and along the way meet a busload of colourful characters. Diane-from-Savers has a thing about getting on first. Danny the bus driver – he’s actually alright y’know. Amidst the bags of shopping and miserable commuters ‘The Backseat’ offers a unique insight into a young girl’s view of the world. A world that has mistreated her so far.

This film has won funding from IdeasTap in partnership with the BFI.

The film shot over four days in late October 2015 and premiered at the BFI in Tottenham Court Road on April 4th 2016.

Now in festivals.

Directed by Miranda Howard-Williams
Produced by Adam Smith
Shot on Red Epic Dragon, 5.5K